About Me

Located in Myrtle Beach, I am a photographer with 20+ years experience. I love photography and art and want to devote more time to my passion. I have shot for magazines, brochures, catalogs, web sites, as well as doing many portfolio shoots. I have been blessed with shooting with models from all over the world. I have had the pleasure of working with many models from Model Mayhem recently. As much of my work was done in film format...I am looking to add to my digital based porfolio.

I am looking for models to mutually benefit each's portfolio with an eye towards the artistic shots. I have recently began a project to highlight the old style pin-up...as well as airbrush/bodypainting. I am willing to work with models at any experience level. I greatly value a model's input and artistic eye and am willing to try about anything that would make for a unique shot!

I have a studio located in Myrtle Beach with greenscreen capability as well as only being located 1 mile to the beach...for those beach photos. I have the ability to travel with portable lighting and backdrops.

At this time, I am accepting assignments on a "TFCD" basis. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas for the perfect shoot !

You can message me or email at DCashPhotography@aol.com


Recent Models:
SC Girl MM# 1868743
Irish Princess MM # 1927053
Christine MM # 1389749
Lakota MM # 1468753
Amanda MM # 1747654
Amber MM # 2152953
Rali (Bulgaria)
Paulina (Poland)
Oxana (Russia)
Natalia (USA) MM# 2020859
Viktorria (Ukraine)
Nina (USA)
Margarita (Bulgaria)
Jasmine (USA)
Amy (USA)
Jess (Canada)
Lacy (USA)