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Traveling Schedual:

Jamaica- April 19-26 - TeaseUm
Vegas- April 28-May3

I've been redoing my portfolio, as ive changed just a tad and below is a list of what i am interested to shoot:
-Implied Nude (tasteful of course)
-Extreme Makeup/Hair
-Fantasy Id love to be made a nymph!
-Girl/Girl shoots
-Video projects
-Fashion & Editorial style
-Car shows

TF*- My take on TF* is simple, if i feel that YOU as a photographer can add to my portfolio, i am more then willing to shoot TF*. Otherwise my rates are negotiable depending on the project. Remember nothing is set in stone so there is always room for change.

I have been modeling for a little over a year, but my interests in moving forward with modeling is very strong. I strive for perfection, whether or whether not it can be achieved (as I have a very ambitious personailty!)
For my age I am very professional and mature when it comes to my work. My father always taught me to be considerate to those you work for/with; hence why I will always arrive to our shoot early. If i am running late you will recieve a phone call.

My one GUARENTEE is you will have no less then a BLAST while working with me <3

I am available to work where ever and will travel with all expenses paid!




15 Oct 09 14:01
very hot port Amanda :P
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