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The name is Mai Gao. I'm only 17 years old, but don't under-estimate me... I am a photographer and model so I know how it is being in front and behind the camera. I've been doing photography for about a year and a half now and modeling for about 2 years. As of now, I am looking for models to build up my portfolio... my goal is to capture something no-one else has seen before; so let me know if you can offer me something to accomplish that. *Just a heads up... I don't offer *TF. (Only on selective models because i'm still trying to raise money for equipments.) But my RATES are pretty low, so just message me!!

- Lets Shoot and in-VISION it together!! 8)


ABOUT the **Photo Shoots:
- unless you are getting your hair and make-up done, PLEASE be prepared to shoot right away!
- Please come with the money/ payment on the day of the shoot... Cash only.

if **CANCELING a Shoot:
- PLEASE DON'T cancel the day of the shoot, unless something serious came up!
- it's not hard to get a hold of me... i have a cell/ texting/ and even a house phone number!!
- if you DON'T SHOW UP, i won't be working with you again!
- i don't accept no shows/ no calls PERIOD!! *So show up at the day of the shoot




*Callysa Xiong
*Tony Her
*Chee Her
*Mana Yang
*Yer Vue
*Lucy Lor
*Emily Vang
*Pa-eng Xiong
*Cee Lao


08 Jul 10 00:50
Heya! Would you be interested in a double shoot, TF*? Trade a shoot for shoot?
21 Jul 09 16:40
Your work is pretty awesome for you to be so young!! Keep up the good work and hope to do some work with you one day!!
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