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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting and taking the time to read. If you really want to know "about me" feel free to visit my professional web site at http://www.PassionCollab.com where you can indulge in my witty sense of humor and exciting career triumphs which inevitably lead me to posting my vibrant and intriguing portfolio right here. Yay.

A few key things you should know about me. More than a photographer, director, and producer, I am a creative business man. This makes for very overdrawn conversations about "my goals and outlook on life" but does results in some awesome if not extraordinary photographic results. Which is ironic because I am very precise and I don't like to waste time. With that said I am very exact as to who I bless with my exaggerated short stories and who I do not. In other words, I love working with people that are professional minded and are serious in their efforts. My level of expertise transcends music production, dance, stage presence, styling, and art/illustration as my past I was involved in all of these. I don't pretend to be the best photographer, but having these experiences have made me a better visionary than a lot of my competition.

I do not concern myself with the experience of models as I have found many models with years of experience lacking the basic necessities needed to fulfill my most simple projects while more naïve models have often surpassed those more experienced in energy and open mindedness. So I say come one, come all. Talent is not taught nor is it enough to get you to where you want to be.

This is not a hobby for me. So while I enjoy assisting some models and clients at reaching their goals, I can not always accommodate your TFP request. I will do my best.

One more thing, models that flake are blacklisted from working with me in the future. I have a level of respect for everyone I work with no matter your experience or stature, I always keep things straight, honest and to the point.

I look forward to working with you all.... okay, well, most of you.

Paris Troy
Focus 4orty9ine / Passion Collab Studios

Current "In Studio" rates starting at just $49.95. Why? Because I can!


Retired in 2020 to focus on my own Brand.
Creator/Manager of Influencer Model / Vanylla Sky
Creator/Manager of Influencer Model / Queen Illy
Creator/Manager of Influencer Model / RaineLye.com
Referral Phoenix 2020 / Photography
CBD Guru 2018 / Photography / Talent Scouting
Referall Phoenix 2018 / Photography
Referral Phoenix 2017 / Photography / Talent Scouting
Referral Phoenix 2016 / Photography / Talent Scouting
American Icons Live - 2011 - photo / design -
Swag-Flu Positive Music Video - 2012 Film / Talent / Editing -
Pay It Forward Society BD Non-Profit organization - 2012 / design -
Found Actions Non-Profit organization - 2012/ photo shoot / design -
Highly Seductive Fashions 2010 - photo shoot / talent -
DJ Kaibil 2011- Photo shoot / design -
Performance Group, NTUIT - 2010 - photo shoot -
LoveLee Entertainment - 2011 / photo shoot / design -
Beautiful Women Out West Magazine 2006 - photo shoot / design / talent / styling -
944 Magazine 2006 - Photography
Image One Network 2005 - Photography / Portfolio building
Prova Salon: Store Signage and Display / photography
XPOZ Magazine 2005 - cover model / photography / Model scouting
DJ Sir+Plus 2004 - photography
XM Quarterly - 2003 Photography / Model scouting
Java Central Caffee 2004 - Photography
Kinkos Copies 2003 - photo shoot -
Nasty Boy Klick 2002 - photoshoot -
AZ Icons 2002- photo shoot / talent -
Ace Stereo 2002- photo shoot / talent -
Makeup Artist, "Kelli Thompson" Wedding
Singer Song Writer, "Danielle Declay" photo / design -
Singer Song Writer, "Jodi Light" / photoshoot -
DJ Puppy Luv - photoshoot -


24 Jul 15 13:58
Nice work!
12 Jul 12 16:31
You're the man P, thanks for all you do.
11 Jul 12 16:34
I had fun and these pictures are amazing!!! And the one with me in the black and looks like I'm laughing lol I really love that one lol.
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