About Me

I don't want to take your picture......I want to help you create an image.

I love to have fun.
I love to take pictures.
I love people that are upbeat and creative.

Have fun, smile and enjoy this entire site and all of the talented people's work on it. Remember to leave comments for everyone, as everyone loves to be acknowledged.....including you.



01 Aug 16 20:59
amazing port, marvelous work, best wishes for you :)
24 Apr 16 08:31
Thanks for the pic comment!
06 Oct 14 22:41
Beautiful port! Keep up the great work!
16 Mar 14 08:37
Hi thanks for your pic comment You have a lovely portfolio. Rach :)
21 Feb 14 13:20
Thanks for your kind words. Nice port! All the best.
08 Feb 14 22:05
Thanks for the nice comments... Awesome Work.... :)
20 Jan 14 06:47
Lovely port. Keep up the good work!
12 Jan 14 22:16
Gorgeous port! Best of luck to you :)
18 Nov 13 05:40
Thanks for the photo comment.
08 Oct 13 14:58
Your very welcome and yeah it is a shame we are too far away from each other otherwise i would of loved to work with you. All the best to you Amanda
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