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** If you add me as a friend please at least leave a comment on one of my photos.**[/b]

I am currently booking paid shoots only, please inquire within for rates, and what you get for the extremely low price.

I am not your normal boring fashion photographer, you come to me when you want something exciting or crazy or ultra sexy, when you go to sleep and wake up frightened in a cold sweat, and cant get the vision out of your head......that's the type of work i try to create.
Scenes out of a comic book or a Sci Fi/Horror Movie.
The kind of photo you look at and are like How the F**k did he do that!?!?! ..........if this is what you are looking for as well, or just to put something different in your portfolio then hire me for a shoot, my rates are so beyond reasonable you will feel bad that i charge you so little and want to give me more!

Ideas/Shoots I want to explore (Females).

Bad Ass Biker chicks
Leather jacket/Topless/Jeans
Super Villains
Tough Girl/Tomboy
School Girl Blue/Green/or pink uniforms. I hate the boring old red.
Shower Scene
Murder Shower Scene
Crime Scene Murder
Ultra Slim Zombie Girls
Zombies, Zombies, Zombies
Spanked Tush (riding crop)
Cannibal Girl
Girls in Glasses (especially librarian style)
The Baroness (GI Joe Cosplay)
Girls in Jeans Topless
Bald Beauties!
Bobbed hair.....bobbed hair......bobbed hair
Mowhawks/ maybe even Faux hawk.....
UFC/Boxer Fighter Girls
Ultra Slim Bodyscapes
Day of the Dead Facepaints
Silver/Gold nude Bodypaints
Cyberpunk!!!! Molly!!!! oooooo Molly!!!
Strangled! or strangled by plastic wrap! yeah..so it's a bit off!
....so many more.....


(* indicates how many times I have worked with them)
Model: *JazminLee (1153556)
Model: *Adam Niles (1083802)
Model: *Paige Morgan (724549)
Model: *Rachel Radick (530782)
Model: *Sin Dee (79936)
Model: *Felicity Rose (1005127)
Model: *Lexus O (1180786)
Model: ***Alisa Robinson (23027)
Model: *Little Fafi (823390)
Model: **Angela DeGaglia (603971)
Model: *Trippy Tara (791625)
Model: ***Gia NYC (666825)
Model: **E NYC (416142)
Model: ****Kristianna (82769)
Model: *Lady Iza (697154)
Model: **Tiffy Cakes (821523)
Model: *Monikuh (658026)
Model: **Lauren Syn (1045257)
Model: *Kirusha (1054836)
Model: **Rika Rave (502468)
Model: *Mistress Bathory (607726)
Model: *Monica Owczarek (873863)
Model: *Tabitha Constance (1008338)
Model: **Pinky1012 (857888)
Model: **Mia Sorada (84543)
Model: ***-aLissa- (610225)
Model: *Draya Monster (567000) Art from a photo of hers
Model: *Rachel Dashae (98824) Art from a photo of hers
Model: *Reby (3626) Commissioned Art from her playboy shoot


07 Dec 11 22:25
Love your port.
01 Apr 10 21:05
i love your port.. those zombie pics are amazing
08 Jan 10 12:02
thanx for the friend request -iamangel www.twitter.com/flawl3ssb3autii www.myspace.com/flawl3ssb3autii www.modelmayhem.com/678925
20 Aug 09 17:45
i love your port... vary amazing work you do... would love to be one of your models... i would love to do the hall vampire sean.... i love that kind of stuf....
13 Jun 09 15:07
28 May 09 21:26
How's it going homey?
27 May 09 15:09
Thanks for the welcome and fr....
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