About Me

Promotional Model, Make-up model. I am half Vietnamese and half Irish. I have a unique look. I'm basically racially ambiguous. I am 5'4, 94lbs with long dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am a size 24-25 pant size and I am a 32 A (bra size). I have a very thin frame, but I wear clothing well (as long as it is a petite or a small). I can also walk runway for petite clothing. I look young and I can model for teen catalogs as well. I am also an artist and I love to paint and make jewelry. I also have a special love of animals and nature. I thrive in open minded and honest environments. I am ussually early when it comes to working. I am business oriented, and I take my work very seriously. I am intelligent as well and can catch on to new things quickly. I love my friends and family and spending time with my animals outdoors. I love nature, and seeing live music, and dancing.


JW Photography Promoted: Jameson, American Honey, Glen Livet, wines and champagne, Cafe Boheme...ect.


23 Nov 09 03:52
First post! Now lets get you some sharp images in your profile.
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