About Me

I am seeking models who would like to build a portfolio while helping me build mine, I am willing to offer my services for free so that I can have sample work and a starting point. I have been involved in production for over 8 years and am very familiar with composition and art. My work is primarily in video but photography has been a passion of mine. I would like to branch out more into my photography side as it relates to people and portraits. I am very efficient in photoshop as well so retouching is not an issue for me. So, let's work together and I can help you build your portfolio while you help me build mine. Email me for more information about my skills or background or to discuss a project. You can also IM me at Taurinh24 on AIM.


26 Sep 09 17:48
hello im in a modeling contest if you could vote for me that would mean alot thank you-take care http://www.exploremodeling.com/Contest/Faceof_ELF_2010/12417/nina_napoletano.aspx
28 Jul 09 13:03
want to shoot underwater with me this summer???
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