About Me

I am the owner of Boost Sales and Marketing, LLC which is a Beverage Consulting Firm. I work with some of the largest Beverage Manufacturers in the US and China.

I help develop marketing strategies for my clients and one of my biggest services is providing them with Promotional, Print, Body Painted and Commercial female models.

Boost Sales and Marketing, LLC looks for female models that want to do more than just promotional work. I want to allow my models to achieve their goals by getting them jobs with my beverage clients to do their advertising, print and commercial work.

I am able to pay my models a higher wage than any other agency because Boost Sales and Marketing is not a staffing company where it makes it's money from staffing models. Boost Sales and Marketing is a beverage consulting firm which makes revenue from boosting it's client’s sales and distribution.


I have worked for Pepsi, Coors Brewing Company and Miller Brewing Company. I have consulted with over 20 major beverage manufacturers. I have hired and trained over 10,000 promotional models.

I am currently looking for models that want to be body-painted for major Beer,Liquor and Energy Drink manufacturers.


03 Nov 10 20:26
Hello:) Wish you were closer!!
10 Apr 10 19:16
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