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I've been involved in photography off and on for about 20 years. I'm a semi-professional, experienced in weddings, portraits, portfolios, sports, nature and landscapes. As this is a modeling site, my port here emphasizes casual, glamour, lingerie and artistic nudes.

I recently moved to the Austin, TX area, but I spend summers at my small mountain cabin in northeastern New Mexico. I dearly love it there! It's quiet, peaceful, lovely and a great place to shoot and just chill out.

Since I just moved to the Austin area, I'd like to update my portfolio here. Please message me if you would be interested in working with me. I will pay for it, not just TF




28 Jul 20 18:11
"Lookin' Good!" Jim
04 Feb 18 15:41
HOT PHOTOS Amazing work :)
24 Apr 16 20:23
Hey mang I had to come by a peep ur recent work. Awesome Jop u never disappoint. When ur thew give me a view Please n Thank you.!!
14 Apr 16 10:05
Jim as always you have respect for your work! Would you be willing to submit work for pay to our German (online only) magazine - we would also authorize your copyright with a small bio on yourself ! If interested holler back!
26 Feb 16 03:27
Big fan of your work, wonderful stuff. Keep up the good work!
09 Oct 15 08:31
Thanks for the add. Tremendous work. Inspiring.
07 Oct 15 10:37
Great port & great models. Well done!
15 Nov 14 01:07
Hi Jim. Love Your Port :)
03 Sep 14 15:13
Sexy work!
09 May 14 07:32
Excellent work! Love it all!
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