About Me

At this time i choose not to shoot with anyone under the age of 18.
Release forms, yes. I do require one to be signed if we're going to work

Hello my name is Khris, thank you for stopping by to check out my port here
at www.iStudio.com.

Some what of a perfectionist is what i have been referred to as by some of my
friends, peers and former clients. I am very passionate about the work I create.
Each photo session is conversation between me and the subject.

My work is mostly for commercial purposes which can be classified as urban
fashion/urban glamour. What I do is simple, I create personal art. I frame and
capture moments that say more than hello this is my smile.

My Session Rates: (Travel expenses not included if out of town or state)
Casual, Fashion & etc: $50hr 150-200 frames, (4) photo's edited
Lingerie, Swimsuit & etc: $150/day rate 200-400 frames, (4) photo's edited
Artistic,Implied, Nude & etc: $150/day 200-400 frames, (4) photo's edited

How long does a session take?:
Sessions can range anywhere from 2 to 6 hours or more unless I have other
shoots booked within the same day. We should have already pre-determined
the type of shoot it will be and that will be the focus of our session.

Where does the sessions actually take place:
I shoot in rented hotel conference area's & rooms, outdoors, clients homes,
rental studios, train stations, airports, alley's, old homes, clubs and or any
other scenic area's that could be used as a realistic backdrop to inhance
the clients expectation of my work. Let's just be creative!

What should I bring?:
Clothing pertaining directly to what the shoot will consist of.

Do I have to shoot nude?
NO! Your decision to shoot topless/nude is entirely up to you unless the shoot
has been planned to include such. I like for my clients and I to work at a 100%
comfort level, professionalism and safety first.

Can I bring an escort?:
By all means, YES. But anyone other the client will not be allowed on the set
unless they are taken part in the actual photos being shot. Escorts can wait out
in the lobby or the car until the session is finished. If your escort interupts a
session for some immature reason and we do not finish, compensation will be
required for my time loss.

These shoots are private, models and photographers only. Outsiders tend to get
in the way or cause some sort of distraction which is not of any use to either the
model or myself.
Contacts: StarpointMediaGroup@gmail.com or khristopherlamar@gmail.com

Bottom line with me is if you look good than i look good!




Roberta Underwood "Berretta23" MM#863957 Nicole Fuller "Sexy Ass Nikki " MM#1518463 Faith Selkirk "Mizz Exclusive" MM#98663


18 Mar 14 20:47
Great port!
06 Jan 10 19:08
I am really anticipating our next shoot on the 16th. Thanks for everything, you are the true definition of a real friend. Thanks for all of your help with getting me started. I love you so much!!
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