About Me

Sorry, for my English, I hope you understand my meaning.
So am I…
I will report what is said by women of all ages, which I can arouse interest only with her my glance , eternally complicated, extravagant, unpredictable, But above all original…….. and always looking for new….
My merits?......only to discover ... a bit of mystery must always be .. otherwise everything would lose its attractiveness ... ...
I love the wind in your hair ... the sand slipping from the hands .. the glance of people.


Disponibile per calendari moda
Disponibile per calendari nudo soft
Disponibile per servizi fotografici fashion
Disponibile per servizi fotografici swimwear
Disponibile per servizi fotografici glamour
Disponibile per lavoro di steward in fiere e convegni

Disponibile per tv/cinema
Disponibile come comparsa, attore
Disponibile per spot
Disponibile per videoclip.


08 Jun 15 13:48
amazing work
04 Jun 10 10:45
mi piacerebbe fotografarti, i like your work.
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