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Thank you for spending time on my page to know more about me. I own a company called SoundCraft Entertainment and we are searching for all people that have the dream and dedication to pursuing a role as a model, Actress, Performers etc. If you're motivated, dedicated, hard-working and most of all willing, we are looking for you!

Please mail us on on soundcraft.entertainment@gmail.com with your requirements (Film roles, TV shows, performances, guest appearances, ribbon cutting, chief guests, models, brand ambassadors, Prefferred country of work etc.) and we look forward to working with you.

You can call me simple,yet very complicated .. I lie when I absolutely have to (thats the truth )& and no im not the only child!! aye...Im slightly self-centred but with good reasons...And THOSE ARE JUST SOME OF MY QUALITIES!lol! I know i keep getting loadz of friend requests huh..like the quote that says "BE WHO YOU ARE AND SAY WHAT YOU FEEL, BECAUSE THOSE WHO MIND DON'T MATTER AND THOSE WHO MATTER DON'T MIND". Im a very private person, but i can be very, very talkative (as long as i know u) and a "tad" annoying. (some ppl think its cute) and well others jus think its annoying... umm... i'm happy most of the time..i dont get angry quickly coz i just refuse to give ppl the importance they don't deserve.. you could say i only get angry wen im havin a bad hair day..hehehehe..I hate stressin....DONT EVER HURT ME IN ANYWAY...U'LL ONLY FIND OUT THAT U DID AFTER I MAKE U WISH U WERE DEAD ...HEHEHE....IM SERIOUS!!!!!!!! If there is anybody who has had a problem with me or anything i've said please be oh so kind and let it remain your problem coz i reely could have been that careless. O yea a VERY IMPORTANT FACT ABOUT ME :-->>i can do a gr8 deal of things...!!!!...like what?...!!...you gottcha find out!! and i bet u've got b talented to pull that off...hmph!!If you wanna know anything else ...TuFF!!.. because this is all you're getting.. hehehehe....


08 Jun 15 15:11
Nice work
02 Dec 11 11:47
I am available for work in India & all Asia. STEVEN DASZ stevendasz77@gmail.com - Actor credits (CV, Resume) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2531116/ - Facebook & Skype steven dasz
21 Nov 11 12:34
you have nice works! love it!
13 Jul 11 11:36
You have beautiful work! It is too bad we are not closer!!!!! :)
13 Jul 11 07:51
Thank you for the fr!
13 Jul 11 05:47
Thanks for the friend request :) Cassie
23 May 11 10:41
Thanks for the FR :) www.facebook.com/cindy.devina.fans
18 May 11 14:24
thanks for the FR! perhaps our paths will cross during one of my upcoming adventures or one of your creating!
17 May 11 01:10
Thank you for Friend. Your work very lovely. Wish you best in all.
16 May 11 14:40
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