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I love new friends, but before a Friend Request, drop me a tag, comment or message!!!! I like to know who my friends are! If you don't then I probably won't accept your request. PLEASE.

Otherwise, I pretty much only accept FR's from people I WANT to work with, or really like YOUR work. Respect. Thanks.

Hi, I'm a photographer and an actor. I'm here to promote my photography, network with the great people here, and make art. I'm mostly working in ARTISTIC, Implied nude and portrait photography. I enjoy working with athletic models to display the incredible human form in interesting and unusual ways.

I have done some work for movies and actors, but am mostly focusing on creating ART.

I'm here looking to diversify my portfolio. I'm loving some of the amazing work here. Some really inspiring work.

Thanks for stopping by and for all the comments and friends I've made here!

If you're looking for some new pictures, I'm open to your ideas if they're fun interesting and artistic. Hit me up!

I'm accepting and offering TF work on a limited basis. It depends on the idea, your look an how we can benefit each other's work.


08 Jun 15 13:41
Nice port
30 May 11 17:33
hot hot port! barby
06 Dec 10 21:41
love your work!
15 Feb 10 03:59
AWESOME PORT!! You have great talent! Peace & Blessings, Moor-ena EL
21 Nov 09 07:19
Thanks. Appreciate your kind words
20 Nov 09 16:51
HI Rex, Thank you for your comment. You are so welcome your a gorgeous model amnd I wish you so much success in everything. Are you on mm? You should be they would love you there. I get alot of offers there. I am new here. Have a beautiful weekend.Tammie.
05 Nov 09 01:14
Rex, not a problem.... I enjoy seeing different concepts. Implied photos can make the imagination go WILD.... Keep providing those great photos!!!!
05 Nov 09 00:21
lovin it!
31 Oct 09 19:04
Happy Halloween!!! Have fun and be safe today. Trick or treat :) xo Marianne- WRS
29 Oct 09 16:37
Thank you, Rex, for your comment on my photo of Cody! He is an amazing model!
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