About Me

my names sofie, i'm 18; 13/02/1991
i've always had opportinities to model.. since i was little but it's never been the right time, or priority.
now i'm making photography and modelling my priority, i have alot of photographer friends who want to work with me, but i have decided to start outside of my comfort zone.
i'm looking for experience

I'm photogenic, quirky, and creative.
I will pay for work, but will mostly be looking to do TFP for the time being, when TFP-ing i'd like to have my own choice of which images I recieve.

I spend quite abit of money on my wardrobe, everytime i'm out of the house i'm scouting for quirky little things that could add a little something to a future shoot.
I love themed shoots, and conceptual work. I want to make art that's fun, and unusual.
I have some secret tricks up my sleeve for those who want to do alternative style shoots with me.

I'm also looking for models to work with in some of my shoots, so let me know if you're interested.
I want to do a contrast themed shoot, and need someone with strong physical contrast to me to work with, this could be;
facial shape.
eye colour.
hair style/colour.
build/body shape/size.
clothing style, etc..

I always have ideas and can find inspiration in anything.
Implied nude is fine, and I always take someone with me to shoots but never someone who could become a distraction.
I'm not looking to do glamour shoots at the moment and I will never work with fur, I will model for campeigns and do artistic/unusual work, or implied nudes.
My work is all about testing and crossing boundaries.

Just a note: I weighed 9 st 8 last time I checked(a month and a bit ago), but i've lost weight recently so i'm not sure hence why i've not stated. i'm currently a size 6 but prefer to wear size 10-12

i refuse to work with real fur and the like, as i'm an animal rights campeigner, but i am happy to work with faux fur.
i want to use modelling to promote animal rights.
my aunt is a hair dresser/makeup artist and i tend to pick up on that trait myself. i always do my own hair/makeup without any limitations or problems at all.
i'm currently pale blonde/white blonde, and have been in the past; turquoise, pink, purple, red, and black.
i'm very versatile, quirky and creative, so feel free to come to me with a small idea.. and watch it blossom:)
i know of many beautiful atmospheric places in wolverhampton and around that would be perfect for shoots. i'm currently waiting for some of my professional photos to be sent to me, so for now i'll only be putting up pictures that i have taken myself, and admittedly sometimes with a bad camera.

i am happy to travel as long as expenses are half paid and i am given good directions.
i always bring a shaperone with me to shoots, no exceptions!
i'd love to do some shoots with girly candyfloss pink themes, and contrast themes also:)
i have booked for my first tattoo, but this can be covered up with camoflage makeup very easily, it will be located on my lower forearm/wrist.
also i have my ears and nose pierced, but aren't usually worn.

i used to be a member of mm, but decided to leave after i'd been followed there by girls who have in the past stolen my ideas for shoots via pretending to be a photographer.


none as of yet.