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I am Katie Zimmerer i have blonde hair and blue/green eyes i am 5"1 and a mother or two i am 21 years old and love to take pictures. i have been a dancer on competitive teams for 15 years. i have won beauty pagents and dance competitions.i have won miss talent canyon lake ,jr.miss star bound,nationals in flordia. i am a very competitive person and always looking for new challenges.i have a bubbly personality. i was a model when i was little and would like to persue my dream further. if you are interested in me contact me via email you will not regret it or 951 473 3316 via cell. I promise. I am a young talented person waiting for the perfect oppertunity to get my face out there.


thank you,



12 Dec 09 00:33
Awesome Port Kaitlynn! If you are interested in contributing to our magazine, feel free to message me: http://www.ModelingINTl.com/issues Mike
29 Oct 09 17:12
Hey Kaitlynn, I just wanted to thank you for adding me. Looks like we are both new to this industry. You look great in these photos. B
28 Oct 09 00:10
Welcome to IStudio
27 Oct 09 17:44
Welcome Katie! Nice fresh new look. I wish you all my best.
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