About Me


Kam is a professional photographer based in Winnipeg. He likes to offer colourful commentary to help transform the models from bland to glam.

He has worked with students, amateur and professional models, designers and fashion stores. His women are never victims or waifs. They are larger - than - life fantasy women: supermodels, amazons, goddesses....

The models in his photos seem to have real identities, and the pictures often convey sexuality without reducing the subjects to sex objects.

"I like women who have power. I put women on top of the world with various experiences in photography."

Being an expert in the professional, Kam is well acquainted with fashion photography. He and his crew are well experienced in providing professional quality photography for clients of various backgrounds and needs. He has also established a strong client portfolio.


>Creative Photo Shoot Direct

>Fashion Photo Shoot Set Design


__Fashion Photography
__Fine-Art Portrait
__Modeling Portfolios
__Commercial & Still life Photography
__DVD & Magazine Covers
__Wedding Photography
__Event Photographing
__Band & Child Photography
__Photoshop Retouch
__Promotional Work & more..


Kam’s “black box”

I am 21 year old Winnipeg-based photographer Kam Wong. When I was in grade 6 I received my first camera as a gift for my birthday. At that time the camera to me was a black box with a few buttons on it, since then I recognize things can be captured into the box! It gives me a strong passion for photography. Now I am studying in the University of Manitoba Asper School Of Business, upgrading my business as well as photography skills to the next level and extending my photography business since October last year.