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Guy.com part of the istudio family is a new site for men. its where you go to check out the hottest photo galleries, latest gadgets, coolest cars and the most interesting stuff for guys.

Want to be profiled on guy.com?
send 5 shots (bikini, lingerie etc.)

Want to be profiled on guy.com?
send photos of girls, cars, entertainment, humor

We're looking for talented writers to submit regular articles.



28 Sep 11 07:18
Hey!!! nice!! pictures and hopefully we can work together:D -joseph
15 May 10 04:58
What's new hot stuff!!! ;)
06 Apr 10 10:24
Thank you for the nice list adds...I plan to join Guy.com also. Thanks, Keith
29 Mar 10 23:04
Thank you for the welcoming tag and comments..Let me when? jade
29 Mar 10 22:33
Hey Guy, thanks for all the lists and commets. You have a cool site, can't wait to see more!
28 Dec 09 02:19
thanks for the warm welcome ^.6
22 Dec 09 02:39
Hi, thanks for the add, help and support on here. You're the best. :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! God bless always, Marianne- WRS
25 Nov 09 22:50
Join the Action!
25 Nov 09 22:48
Hello from Miami
25 Nov 09 22:46
Welcome to iStudio!
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