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I am a wedding, portrait, fashion, and beauty photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I do commercial & corporate photography as well. Every once in a while, when my schedules allow, I like to shoot something that might be different or similar than what I normally shoot for work to freshen up my portfolio.

Although I have worked with quite a number of models (pro or non-pro), I know that some models suit a certain concept better than others. A few are more versatile than the others but there are those who have more specialized look. Thus, I am always looking to expand my growing network of female models with good attitude that I can hopefully collaborate with in the future. New or up-and-coming models are welcome as well as experienced ones.

Please note though that my offer is mostly done on a TFCD or TFP basis because it is not for profit use. However, I still expect professionalism (e.g., being on time for the shoot, positive attitude, etc.). Please be honest about your height, weight, dress size, shoe size, and your other measurements. Most of the time, a model just needs to show up well-rested & on time at the photo shoot, do your job & I will do mine, then my crew will take care of the rest. Most importantly, I can assure you that every photo shoot is always conducted in a professional manner and environment. 99% of the time there is always at least another female present during the photo shoot (I very rarely schedule a portrait or fashion photo session without the presence of a professional female make-up artist whom I usually work with).

To see my website, please go to (currently down).


20 Dec 09 08:40
Great work! Post some more pictures!
19 Dec 09 20:09
Welcome to iStudio
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