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Hello, my name is Geo Louis. I have been shooting photographer for a good many years now.
My photograph is free to new and young modeling talent getting into the modeling business. I will shoot a set of photos for your port, to include a comp card and video at no charge for new models. My time is limited so you will have to work on my schedule on this. I also manage a few models in getting them into modeling work. I have met too my model that need a head shot to land an interview with i.e.“Victoria's Secret”, where photographer wanted $250.00 for that profile shot. Hey I look at this way; you don’t get the job you’re out $250.00. With me if you get the job, I get to add you to my credits.
About me...I have shot fashion from Ohio to Newark, N.J. to Manhattan, N.Y. to here in Carolina. I also have designed limited fashion wear and walked models in my fashion shows. One show was hosted by Michael Knight of Project Runway. Also, I have shot models for magazines and submittal shoots for i.e. Easy Rider, calendars, and many bike dealerships/car promotions events.
For the past year I have been working on a line of swim wear that I am marketing on the website. I have plans to add more swim wear designs of my own to the website and catalog line.
Additional, I am also designing a limited line of lingerie to be added later this summer.
I also work with several media companies that I shoot still and video for their advertisement needs for TV/cable commercials and print ads.
With the help of me, several of my models have walked run ways fashion shows in Manhattan, N.Y., Cleveland, Ohio, and other fashion events. Some of my models have modeled for large commercial companies such as Victoria's Secret, the Limited and have been casted in small film roles and have done feature layout in print.
Presently I am trying to get a swim wear shoot done and I am also working with a film producer out of Raleigh, North Carolina to produce a car show for a cable network.
With all of that said…I am looking for models new to the industry to help develop their modeling portfolio and to get them work in the commercial industry.
I do not ask any models to do work for me for nothing or just a tf with me for no money; instead I pay them for their time modeling. My casting call prices start at $20.00 per hour, this way if they do not make the cut; at least they get paid and get a few pictures. Additional, any professional photo work that comes my way, then these models can expect to make from $50.00 to $200.00 per hour for shoot time, or more it they get signed with the big league.
You can email me at geo@supershootmodels.com or just drop a note here to go forward on a project shoot…geo


Check out my website www.supershootmodels.com, I will be updating this.


18 Apr 10 08:55
thanx for friending me =)
01 Mar 10 16:08
Why thank you!
01 Mar 10 09:17
Thnx :) nice work you too, so how can we manage it to work together? :)
18 Feb 10 23:19
a shoot sounds great! just lemme know when and where.
15 Feb 10 09:16
I would love to shoot sometime! Just let me know :)
13 Feb 10 20:52
Thanks so much! :) Best wishes! -K
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