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About Me

Artistic and powerful images of colorful life are rare and few. Zedneram provides ALL people of color with opportunities in popular media.

We at Zedneram celebrate diversity. We promote beautiful, positive and inspiring images of ALL people of color-including, but not limited to, African (American), Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern and Native American ethnicities.

Our society bases popularity on a specific look, a certain body type, an outward manifestation of social class, or the expression of a particular attitude. Zedneram strives to surpass conditional definitions of tolerance and searches for the true essence of unconditional acceptance.

Beauty is relative. Beauty is difference. Beauty is unknown.

In short, beauty is Otherness. Yet, beauty is also Self. And Self begins with you. As both Self and Other, we are all beautiful together.

Zedneram celebrates this universal beauty!



Born in 1988 in Hangzhou, Taiwan2005 started to become a free photographer2006 made to move back to London in 2008 is currently in Beijing to work AsiaAllan,

【2010】 China cutting-edge commercial photographer
Visual modeling agent workers%% professional photographers
Zhang Xiaoqiang
English name: Azou
Network Name:. Mr. Zhang.
QQ: 710072968
(Reservations: QQ: 710072968)
☆ welcome to shoot the magazine and other commercial co-operation ties ☆
☆ Senior Private custom photography services can be about making ☆
☆ Name Star / artist / model graphic modeling packages can be customized shooting and other senior appointments ☆

* Front of the camera: to create fashionable woman's front-runner
* Lens: gives a woman the creator of wonders America

Bo-off picture personal copyright, For reproduced or used, please contact
Contact QQ: 710072968

Unauthorized reproduced reserved!

Scope of work: Beijing - Guangzhou - Shanghai and other areas

A tennis magazine film. Pure motor clothes really will not get any good results. However, once again, together with the Pharaoh partner's work, and still very Hey fart of the. Pharaohs delicate girl was cruelly destroyed, but also no complaints, very dedicated and hope in the future have a chance for co-operation.

Model / Dinning
Make-up / Little White
Edit / Yan-Lin Wang







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Awee thank you :) Beautiful portfolio, I enjoyed my visit.
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