Miss Crime Scene
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Weight:184 lbs
Shoe Size:9
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Black
Ethnicity :Hispanic
Skin Color:Olive
Experience:Some Experience
Join:13 Feb 2010
Last:13 Feb 2010

About Me

I might not be the coolest chick you know, but I'd have your back in a zombie outbreak.

I'm known as "Miss Crime Scene" to many, Others refer to me as Jojo. So, Hi My Name Is Jojo & I have A lot to say. (real name - Joyce)

I was pushed of a vagina on 12/31/1987 (new years eve), and have been alive ever since.
I am half Puerto Rican half White, So kinda like a cracker with some salsa on it.

I have a sleeping problem which leads to my insanity. I believe some of the best Creativity comes from Insanity.
Crazy = Art.

I am edgy with a mix of girlie. Imagine a big bloody butcher knife with a pretty pink glitter bow wrapped around it.

I have a passion for creating. I want to create pictures that vomit of my expression, that reek of my soul, that will personally force feed people a piece of me. I will one day take over the world while yelling "let them eat cake!" & of course some milk, nobody likes to be thirsty.

I am 22 years old and learning to step out of my shell, a little late I know but I am getting there.

Important Fact: I may take pictures that come off as sexual or revealing, but it's just my self expression, its my Art. I don't feel I should be limited to what I create. My boyfriend is completely supportive of me In every way and Just because some of my images come off those ways does NOT mean I am slutty/whorish/looking/or wanting to flirt.

I have a certain problem with showing my emotions, I seem to build up a lot of things inside and the only way I can show them is in front or behind of a camera, my photography is my release.

I am a photographer,Creator,A series of different characters in front of a camera, A Surrealist, An Animal Lover,Poet, you know it.

I enjoy Things that are Strange and go way beyond what most see during their normal day.

I am hoping to gain lots of wisdom about photography & modeling to make myself better, I never want to stop searching to become better. I am always interested in helping others out with their ports so just ask if you wanna get together and make some cool stuff.

I use facebook more than anything now, until I get money to actually add more photos here.

If you know me or we have talked please feel free add me at www.facebook.com/misscrimescene

to see most of my work(I will be uploading all my new stuff here)

www.facebook.com/pages/Miss-Crime-Scene … y/27466...

&& of course myspace www.myspace.com/itsmisscrimescene

Travel: I Travel between Plattsburgh NY, Albany NY, & Rochester NY.

-I offer my modeling & my photography. Plus Size Model. Not interested in Nudes, semi nudes will discuss.

- I have dark almost black eyes, I'm 5'6", 3 facial piercings(took out my others, only now have my nose , septum, and monroe) and my ears gauged.

-If you want to work with me or discuss more then message me here, I hope to get more experience.


Lets work together, I want to create amazing art that will shatter the minds of the human race.

MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHHA but no really, lets do fun stuff.



19 May 10 18:45
Miss, If you need anything we are all here and if you are interested in contributing to our magazine, feel free to message me: http://www.ModelingINTl.com/
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