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I am a freelance photographer. I love photography. It's interesting to capture the world & people in their element. Photography is probably one of my truest loves. It defines who I am. It allows me the medium to control my life and what I see. It brings my otherwise grey world some color. It brings a sense of calmness into my world. I get lost for hours in my photography, as if there were no one else in the world but me and my subject.

I'm originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area. I recently relocated to the Orlando, Florida area. However, I travel back and forth between Cleveland and Orlando quite frequently for work and family. I am always traveling for work and to meet new and interesting people.

I am always looking to network and work with new clients (fashion designers, models, MUA). I am always looking for unique, talented, underestimated talent to work with. The modern everyday "Barbie Dolls' or "Pretty Boys" are of no interest to me (no offense). I like to work with people who are creative, whether it be their unique look, their amazing fashion designs, or their expertise in make-up. I enjoy working with fashion designers who have unique styles and designs : avante garde, chic, glamorous, some corset designers, edgy, modern and tasteful urbanwear (sorry but plain Jane designs just do not appeal to my creativity or motivate vision for me, no offense). I am one of the few photographers who enjoys working with and showcasing "the underdog" in this industry: unique looks, height, age, weight, race, tattoos, rock stars, musicians, bodybuilders, corset/pin-up models, gothic models, skaters, massive attitude, etc.. If my work is of interest to you and your needs, please feel free to contact me.

Please include:

-Contact Email & Phone number
-Dates Available

Also, feel free to send a friend request to my marketing facebook page at:

Thank You & I look forward to networking with all the talented individuals on iStudio!!



14 Dec 11 01:15
Thanks for the request! Beautiful portfolio!
17 Oct 11 17:04
Thanks for the friend request. Nice portfolio!
17 Oct 11 12:26
Thanks for the FR. :)
26 Sep 11 09:23
thanks for the FR! I'm in Orlando visiting friends often. Perhaps we'll be able to shoot someday! ;)
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