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Currently Planning: SOUTH AMERICA
- BRASIL: Rio de Janeiro & beyond
- ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires & beyond
- PERU: tba
Also Havana - CUBA & revisit INDIA & CHINA & other major Asian cities

- November - December 2012 New York, London, Paris
- August - October 2012 - Sydney (possible INDIA: Rajasthan/Mumbai/Delhi TBA)
- July to August 2012 - (Singapore - TBA), Kuala Lumpur, Penang, HongKong
- May - June 2012 - Sydney, Canberra
- April-May 2012 - New York, Miami
- January - April 2012 - Sydney, Melbourne

- December 2011 - Paris
- November 2011 - Sydney
- Sept-Oct 2011 - New York, Phoenix + Scottsdale - Arizona; Las Vegas, San Francisco.
- July - Sept 2011 - TBA;
- June 2011 - Sydney
- April - May 2011 - Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide
- March - April 2011 - New York / Miami, USA;
- Feb - March 2011 - Berlin, Germany; Paris, France;

2010 & 2009
were spent between Paris, London, New York & Sydney, with minor forays into China, India & SE Asia

Yes! It's a tough job - but someone's gotta do it ;-)

My normal turf is Camperdown in Sydney, Australia - close to RPA Hospital / Billy Hyde Music / Annandale Hotel. In Paris, France it is in the St. Germain area.


About Me:
I am an Internationally published/exhibited/awarded photographic artist and video producer with almost 30 years track record.

I mostly portray strong, confident, attractive women in my Fantasy, Hyper-Glamour and Artistic Romanticism images.
I adore intelligent, confident women .... want to turn me on? Show me your....brains.
Yes, I love boobs and bums as much as the next guy...BUT...
Play with my mind. Talk fast, talk smart, be sassy, be funny, be interesting - and you've got me.
I get bored with the clingy, needy, dumb type of model, so I mostly don't shoot them.

[And always seeking talent for my shoots - see below]

My chequered past:
With 25 years of experience in fashion, commercial & industrial work internationally - encompassing print, film, video & multimedia, I have produced and directed major creative projects including major corporate & entertainment launches, TVCs, I have shot dozens and dozens of magazine CoverGirls, done heaps of fashion spreads and cosmetics/beauty campaigns plus tons of corporate/automotive and commercial work. And had a blast;
That however, is not currently the focus of my work.

Fine Art Photography and artistic post-production is how I express my vision now and my work is displayed and sold in galleries worldwide. I'm now fully engaged in creative art projects for which I'm seeking extroverted, uninhibited, exhibitionist models / actors / musicians / performers with vibrant, out there, wacky, kooky personalities. I also welcome MUAs & stylists who would like to collaborate.


UPDATE: LAST SHOOTS FOR 2012: I will probably be doing my last few shoots in Australia in 2012 before I move permanently to Paris, France where I am now based. I will continue to operate in Sydney as well as New York for the foreseeable future, but my availability will become even more limited.

ART PROJECTS 2011-2012: I am planning and designing several concurrent projects which will come to fruition over the next 18-24 months. Contact me now to participate / collaborate.


MY SHOOTS: are usually easy, relaxed and lots of fun with your choice of great music, soft drinks, juices, Champagne, wine, beer, and even cocktails ;-) - also plenty of good food, snacks, chocolates, and Starburst lollies.
So you get treated with utmost respect, affection and consideration like a princess.

MODELS have made comments that they felt
- "more beautiful than ever in their lives",
- "cherished" and "€œloved like part of the family",
- "that I brought out the real beauty in them"
- "I knew and truly understood women"
[Oh! If only that were true - I'd be a zillionaire, with guys banging down my door to learn the secrets ;-) ]
- "€œsexier than ever" "€œhot and hotter".
Most models I have worked with remain my friends.

Did I mention I ADORE Dancers? ...and models who can ACT & PERFORM. I don't care how beautiful you are - or not, if you can act up, dance, emote,...we will get along just fine. And love black women too


About You: For this project I need really vivacious, out there, uninhibited exhibitionist-type models/musicians/dancers/performers who love seeing themselves in print, on the web, and in large gallery exhibitions.
[ If you're shy, scared, inhibited - let€'s not waste each others time]
If you're a dancer - I love you already - what more can I say? ;-)
Stylists/MUAs also welcomed.
You don't have to have any experience, BUT you have be comfortable in your skin & body (high self-esteem), and just be able to step outside yourself and perform, act up, amuse, amaze, enchant.
Sense of humour & self-confidence is a must!

I do artistic projects most of which involve fantasy, glamour, sensuality with a degree of eroticism. Costumes, props, dress-ups, wild imaginations...
If you like period costumes, Medieval, Retro, Goth, Punk, Burlesque and more.....
If you are excited by working on thematic projects and well executed concepts.
Come to meee...
BUT come happy and open, come wide-awake & rested, come all fired-up, come excited, come bubbling with ideas and a collaborative spirit, come to be the most beautiful you have ever been...


Although nudity is not required in every set, varying levels of nudity are required more often than not - considering the themes/concepts I work on. And I shoot several concepts in a single shoot;
For this reason, I prefer to work with models who are uninhibited, happy with their bodies and comfortable with various levels of nudity - and I will only work with models 18+
Any nudity as above is on set (during photoshoot only) so that I have freedom to paint over whatever fantasy I want to create and usually NOT shown in public images

2. Bring Your I/D
You will have to come with some government issued i/d - driving license, passport, government Id card (in some countries) - not school/uni/student cards.
And, you will sign a standard internationally accepted model release.
No i/d or no release = no shoot. simple.

3. NO SMOKING (sorry)
If you are an addicted chain-smoker, we can'€™t work together because I don'€™t have '€œsmoko'€ breaks during shoots and I don'€™t tolerate smoking at shoots.

4. Be Clean shaven
Make sure the Bikini area, arms including the pits, legs as well as any facial Hair is shaved or waxed.

5. Don't worry about your body flaws
I have no problems with scars, cellulite, plus size flesh rolls on curvy women, ;-) or human imperfections. I will hide them and make you look gorgeous - that's a promise.

I love ALT as a genre, but I prefer not to work with major facial piercings.
And, no, I don't do blood or gore.

6. NO Entourage And no bodyguards, escorts, minders. If you're not a Beyonce class superstar, you don't have to come with an entourage. I understand you may have safety concerns - so do I. Google me. No discussion on this issue.

WHAT I DON'T DEAL WITH aka My Blacklist:
- I don't suffer fools gladly. READ this and my casting calls carefully: I give great detail about everything here, on my websites, facebook and my casting calls followed by the casting brief. If you don't read it - your problem.
- Divas, pretentious, self-absorbed, inconsiderate women
- Indisciplined people who can'€™t tell time, who oversleep, or get pissed or wasted the night before and arrive LATE looking like dead.

TFP/TFCDs : I do VERY limited amount of these no more than 3 times a year - depending on my current projects / creative visions. And, it's by invitation only. Yes.
If I think we can create some good art I will find you.
But feel free to contact me and let me know what your creative visions are, and how we might work together. If you inspire me, Hey, you never know – we might be able to work together soon.

When I travel, I am more relaxed about the TFP/TFCDs and will be more open to consider you.
Otherwise, contact me for my Model Portfolio rates:€“ I'€™m not cheap, but considered to be very reasonable for what I give you.



- Ex Travel/Fashion Editor
- Cover Girl Photographer: 38 covers
- Fashion Photographer
- Music Reviewer/Photographer
- Travel Writer/Photographer
- Magazine Columnist
- Large print portfolio
- contacts

If you are an entertainer, we can work together on a collaborative project or two which will result in getting you some terrific pictures for your portfolio and/or website or social networking pages....


16 Sep 12 10:11
Blown away!! Such an amazing portfolio xx
23 Jun 10 10:09
you have such lovely port.. suweeet!!
16 Jun 10 08:40
I was reading your post and i would love to work with you. Keisha x
08 Jun 10 00:55
thank you!!! yours to!=]
07 Jun 10 22:47
Yah sure ~! I commented as your works really impressive~! and I believe all models would be dying to be in your collection :D let me know if you come to Malaysia :) Cheers~!
19 May 10 06:30
Thank you for FR, I really like your artistic approach to use the camera!
13 May 10 02:33
love your portfolio. very beautiful photography
10 May 10 14:42
Looks like you lead a very fun and interesting life! Liked your web page. nice portfolio.
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