About Me

I am a filmmaker, based in Los Angeles, though I have been shooting many films in Europe recently, in many different languages. I am currently casting several films both here in the states and in Europe for 2010 and 2011 (and hopefully beyond).

I started as a screenwriter in Hollywood for many years and have written 135 feature length screenplays. However, I have currently been working on a different directing style which utilizes improvisation based upon complex scene outlines.

I think that cinema is still a very new art form and hopefully through experimentation we will be able to find a new cinematic language. Some day I hope to shoot an entire 90 minute film which will consist of no dialogue yet will be universally understood. I think this is the possibility of cinema, yet no one has really fully realized it's potential as of yet. Will I get there? I have no idea. But, I will die trying.

If you would like to join me on one of these crazy cinematic experiments, send me an email and we will start shooting!


The Vacation I no Longer Remeber (2010)
Postcard Days (2009)
The Song Beneath the Song (2009)
Sunset Sunrise (2008)


17 Jan 11 04:41
Aloha! Wow! You've written 136 screenplays? That's outstanding! Happy Monday! ~ Jas Actress, singer, dancer, bikini designer
01 Mar 10 01:19
Hello how are you very nice to meet you i will love to work in your projects.
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