About Me

Since the earliest days of my childhood my passion
for books, and more specifically for the
multi-faceted world of fantastic literature,
has led me towards the visualization
and the transformation of words into images.

After ten years of experience in graphic design and
pre-printing I realized I was professionally ready
to direct my skills towards the field of
illustration and art painting.

At present I am based in London but available
to work worldwide with anyone interested in my
professional collaboration.


22 Jan 15 09:24
You`ve got a gift from god! I enjoyed browsing through you`re work....
09 Oct 14 15:55
Fabulous work!
30 Jul 14 08:49
Always a fun port to revisit!
29 Jul 14 00:21
Lovely work!
19 Aug 13 00:22
Amazing portfolio!
14 Oct 12 01:54
thank u so much..
03 Aug 12 04:45
Very beautiful work, such a talented painter!
31 May 12 12:54
Thank You. Nice work!!
21 May 12 17:05
Thank you for the love!!!
30 Apr 12 21:04
Thank you so much for your warm welcome ! Loveee your work !
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