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About Me

It's all about Quality over Quantity. That's always good motto to follow with photography back in the days when 35mm and other films were the main preference to shoot photos with and I fully endorse that.

I have been taking photos as an form of expression of nature and beauty through images since 2004. Even something that seems very normal and everyday when taken into a concept and idea along with the proper subject weather it's a model or use of light can be turned into something interesting.

Continually expanding and developing my photography skills and having some fun when I can while I'm not working but I do shoot and experiment whenever I can in different styles of photography styles.

Photography is another extension of expressing myself through interaction with nature and people to create beautiful or thought inspiring photos. It's a way to capture the moment frozen in time that brings back memories. I thoroughly enjoy the process of taking a photo and developing the negatives on film or just capturing photos digitally whether for personal or to fulfill class assignments. I'm here to make contacts and network as well as making friends so feel free to contact me here or on my main profile listed below. Thanks for reading!