About Me

''Welcome to a new place ..

.. Where the sunlight dances around ..
In a tropical land , it is just pure fun under the sun !
Everything goes .. cute/real crazy/wild/serious/silly..funny stufff and be as natural as can be !
Work with me and tutus , tiaras and tea-cups could be a part of your day !

It's a place where Princesses are born and Kings are crowned ! :)
Here , time slows down and Reality mingles with Fantasy and Creativity .. and that's when all the magic happens !!!
It is a place so unique , that it's ok to cry or to frown ..
It's a place where the rain is invited to pour down .''

So , I'm a new Photographer , taking slowly but steadily my steps and without fear but with passion and love .
Comments will be highly appreciated and will help me get better .
Show me some <3 - always returned . ;)

Have an enchanting/fantastic day !!

Currently looking for female models for a 'beauty' session - serious inquiries apply only .
Destination - Nassau Bahamas (for farther infos , inbox me pls) .



Well , I'm new in the fashion photography ..
I've worked with various models in Nassau Bahamas (I want to thank them all for being themselves and such amazing people , inside-out) .
- Recently worked for the Miss Bahamas Galaxy Pageant - hopefully I'll be able to use some of those shots soon !!! ;)


02 Sep 11 04:09
Your work is really beautiful, thankyou very much for your FR! MandyXXXXXXXXXXXX
20 Jul 10 14:49
thanx 4 the req!! nice port!!
26 Jun 10 13:41
bahamas rock!
22 Jun 10 16:57
Take a look at my portfolio and you'll get an idea :) Let me know if you have questions or if you're interested in placing an order! Thanks
21 Jun 10 15:12
Hey Yiota, thanks for the list add! Great port, awesome look!
21 Jun 10 06:00
Thank you for FR! Nice portfolio! :)
19 Jun 10 20:16
Bahama Beauty and nice port!!!
14 Jun 10 09:52
Hello!...you Port conveys beauty, talent and art. Cheer!s, Geo Sergio.
10 Jun 10 18:43
great photos, thanks for the friend request
10 Jun 10 17:57
Love your port!! Keep up the great work ;)
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