About Me

My goal is to be the next Xander Angeles i'm also looking forward to work with top models and stylists of this site by all means and to learn from the masters of fashion photography

I can go from paid to xdeal shoots I don't boast to everyone that I'm good when it comes to fashion/glamour photography every individual have their own learning process and I'm still on that phase of my photography career. My primary field of photography is concert but since not all concerts are accessible to photographers, I also go for fashion/glamour indoor or outdoor shoots.

for photoshoots you can contact me at mikz.marcelo@nocturnals.com.ph

Mikz Marcelo


06 Jul 12 02:33
i will work with you thanks for the PM.. Looking forward :-)
27 Oct 10 11:52
nice works!
27 Jul 10 09:53
thanks for the FR. :)
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