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Jhonathan Pierre Cornell is the owner and founder of Pierre International Models and Photography Studios. He has been owner of this company for four years that is growing successfully in some markets of the USA, with offices coming to some Caribbean Islands. When he was 13 he stated “I had my first 35mm Camera and used my sisters and brother as subjects to photograph and he also created sets.” He has been fascinated with the cast looks and angles that he saw and wanted to become a great photographer.

J. Pierre has also modeled in his career as well as acted, and loves being behind the camera the most. He spoke about the teaching and mentoring he received from such photographers such as Rexx Lott of New York, Jean Isielba of India and Steven Girault an abstract photographer of Macy’s in New York. He has career goals of reaching top standards of photographer Steven Miesel. He has been in the field of photography for a total of 5 years. However, he took a break due to the lost of a close loved one.

He spoke on the first professional photographer camera that he used, which was the Cannon EOS Rebel, in which he loved. However J. Pierre updated with time, now owning the Nikon D3000 and the D3100 along with an array of different lighting equipment including reflectors, the beauty dish, soft boxes and regular umbrellas.

When speaking with him about his choice of photography, he loves and does Celebrity, Fashion, Event Photography. Doing Celebrity Photography, he has worked with Rodney Perry of the Monique show, Craig A. King & Don Vito, Multi Platinum Producers, Dondria of So So Def; D Woods Promtional Project; 2006 Ballroom Championship holder Gene Bersten, Adam Ad Killa Parks of G’s to Gent; Arab of SODMG and a host of others.

In the field of Fashion Photography he has utilized Eva Pigford & Jenna Newell of ANTM, Celebrity Stylist Brian Lamar & Matthew Weaver, Celebrity hairstylist Dariel Pulliam, Celebrity Make up artist Terrell Mullins, Reginald, Lela the Make Up Artist, and Bryen “B. Marqui” Bennett, Designers Ben Almonor, Deron Shields, Anastasia Southwick and a host of other models and great people of this field.

Jhonathan Pierre Cornell, speaks about dealing with family portraits and feels that location or in studio he will capture each and every great moment for the true value of what its worth. He later stated that he prefers to shoot on location because he considers himself to be one with nature and loves to be in a full element of the creative element, which it brings.

His mentors include Steven Miesel, Maya Guez, Neil Barker and Rexx Lott. He leaves in closing, what I feel is a convincing argument “When you hear my name Jhonathan Pierre Cornell, know that I have an eye for successors, and I photograph, nothing but success and rolls only with the best.”


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work with tons of others in the industry

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08 Jun 15 13:23
Nice port
27 Dec 10 17:32
Love Your Port!
25 Jun 10 05:19
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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