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Hello my name is Brian Bothwell but people know me as photographer "Surfinbird".

My background is in art, music, film / video and special effects. I have done a lot of video and motion picture work in the fashion industry and the music video industry. I have directed, shot and edited music videos, television commercials and fashion videos here in New York City and occasionally, Los Angeles and other parts of the world. If you would like to see some of the film and video productions I have worked on in the past feel free to look at my videos in my portfolio here. I have since moved on from my days in the film and video world and I am now concentrating most of my efforts on photography...

Creatively, I apply my video and film techniques to artistic photography.

The models I work with are co-conspirators acting out their own fantasy of "rock star cool" before a camera lens that greatly appreciates them. My work is a collaboration between artist and model.

I welcome models who appreciate my work and philosophy.

I work with all kinds of models at all kinds of skill levels.
Feel free to get in touch about working with me !

ALL IMAGES ©-Surfinbird Brian Bothwell.

Enjoy everyone!



Numerous Publications
Gothic Beauty Magazine Covers : Issue #9 Issue #18.
Art Gallery Shows.
Numerous Broadcasting Awards for Advertising and Music Video.
Video Editorial Awards
Platinum Single Award with singer songwriter Sarah MacLachlan from the Canadian Recording Association
Director of Cinematography for "Room Mates" a film written and directed by Paulina Porizkova......
Editor of "Girl in 3D" a film written and directed by Luis Aira, showed at Cannes Film Festival, Cannes France, May 2005. "Best Feature Film" winner at the Chicago Indy Film Festival-August 2005.
"Armory" Group Gallery show, Zeitgiest Gallery, Cambridge, MA
April 2005 curated by Pia Shachter

Here are the credits for my work in the video section of my istudio.com portfolio: (In the order in which the videos appear)

Director, Cinematographer and Editor:

Manufacture "As The End Draws Near" Music Video (My former band)
Manufacture "Many Machines" Music Video (My former band)
Manufacture "Armed Forces" (My former band)
Moev "Yeah Whatever" Music Video
MC 900 Foot Jesus "The Killer Inside Me" Music Video
Ric Ocasek "The Next Right Moment" Music Video

Co-Director and Editor:

Gontiti "Windy Land" Music Video
O-Positive "Imagine That" Music Video

Video Editor:

Pat Metheny Group "Slip Away" Music Video
Love Spit Love (Richard Butler) "Am I Wrong?" Music Video
Aimee Mann "That's Just What You Are" Music Video
Girl in 3D a film directed by Luis Aira
Pixies "Alex Eiffel" Music Video
Tony Bennett "When will the Bells Ring for Me?" Music Video
Digney Fignus "The Girl with the Curious Hand"
The Kooky Scientist "Old vs. Neau" Music Video


04 Nov 10 12:10
GORGEOUS photos!!!! Can we ever set an appointment to shoot?
28 Sep 10 08:09
Do the BIRD Jessie do the BIRD :)
20 Jul 10 21:02
Thank you for the compliment... I'm working on various projects as we speak ;-) look out for them
17 Jul 10 03:00
Love your port and photos too Brian. Hope to work with you someday. Thanks for the add. Welcome to iStudio family!!! Stay in touch... God bless always, Marianne WRS
12 Jul 10 17:43
If ever in my Area would Love to work with you! Beautiful Work!
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