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I’m a commercial photographer located in the Mount Pocono, Pa area. I am currently available in Eastern Pennsylvania, Northern New Jersey, and Southern New York (including the NYC area). I have a strong passion for photography and I absolutely love life through the viewfinder so I’m always available for a photo shoot.

Here is a tip for any interested beginning models. Your portfolio will be one of your most important tools if you keep updating it regularly. Your portfolio needs to show that you have experience as a model so when just starting it is especially important to do TFP shoots (which will help keep your expenses down too) in order to gain the experience you will need in order to succeed. Also, your portfolio needs to show you with different looks since clients want to know how you look in a variety of situations. This is another way you can really use TFP shoots to your advantage. By shooting with many different photographers you’ll get a variety of looks for your portfolio with different styles such as lighting and composition as well as a variety of different clothing, hair, and makeup. Finally (of course), your portfolio needs to show clients that you are photogenic. I hope these tips help.


PPA (Professional Photographers of America)
NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals)

New York Institute of Photography
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers
Orange County Community College

Selected Workshops/Courses/Certificates:
Photographing with One Light – Instructed by Joe McNally
Shooting Fashion Models On-Location – Instructed by Frank Doorhof
On Location Photography – Instructed by Jeremy Cowart
Commercial Photography – Instructed by Jim Divitale
Fantasy Portraits – Instructed by David Cuerdon
Outdoor Lighting for Senior Portraits – Instructed by James Schmelzer
Senior Portraits: Lighting Techniques – Instructed by James Schmelzer
Studio Portraiture - Instructed by Douglas Kirkland
Off-Camera Flash – Instructed by Derrick Story
The Business Side of Photography – Instructed by Rick Sammon
Professional Portrait Retouching – Instructed by Scott Kelby
Product Photography for E-Commerce – Instructed by Dane Howard
Photoshop CS5 One on One: Fundamentals - Instructed by Deke McClelland
Photoshop CS5 One on One: Advanced - Instructed by Deke McClelland
Photoshop CS4 Level 1 – Instructed by John Fellin
Photoshop CS4 Web Production – Instructed by John Fellin
Photoshop Lightroom 3 Essential Training – Instructed by Chris Orwig


28 Jun 14 17:02
thanks :)
02 Jun 14 22:31
Thank you!
09 Apr 14 21:31
Awe! Thank you so much for your very kind words! I'm glad to hear we've lived similar stories :) I think your work is amazing as well, and I hope to one day be as great as you :)
09 Feb 14 13:29
Stunning port! Can't wait to see more from you.
07 Feb 14 10:38
Thank you for the comment. Good luck with your future projects.
25 Dec 13 19:40
thanks merry Christmas :)
22 Dec 13 15:57
Thank you, I love your work, it's very creative.
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