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“OUR TRUEST LIFE ……. IS WHEN WE ARE IN OUR DREAMS, AWAKEN.” My wife and I really believe in destiny. We came across each other because we were meant to, we both have a passion for the art of beauty. I have always admired the idea of someone being able to capture an image of a lifetime that would never be forgotten. My Wife has always had a passion for makeup and enjoys making people feel good by bringing out their beauty and making them feel beautiful. Together we can make unforgettable memories and pictures that will be cherished forever. We offer photography services ranging from Modeling, High Fashion, Self Portraits, Weddings, Engagements, Parties… etc. We also offer makeup services for any occasion.



10 Sep 11 10:17
thanks for the request...let me know if you'd like to shoot sometime! megan
02 Sep 11 11:18
The two of you do amazing work together!!!
29 Jan 11 10:41
lovely work :)
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