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I've been photographing landscapes,people,birds,food,sunsets,sunrises and animals for more than 40 years. So I try to keep things fresh. One of the ways I do that is to work with people I might not otherwise come in contact with and collaborate on shot/s that keep things fresh!

I love landscapes! Because of that, I love location photography more than the studio. To be part of it all and capture the moment is what I'm after. While dodging rain,hail and lightning can keep you on your toes, it also makes for some fun and stunningly awesome shoots. So if you have a sense of adventure or love shooting in wide open spaces next to the ocean, mountains and sky, send me a message and tell me.

Right now I'm still shooting for my enjoyment, although I have been published. I'm looking to create timeless images that will endure the test of time. I don't shoot bondage or fetish work, and am not going to start now. I want to shoot the stuff dreams are made of.

In order to achieve my goal of shooting dreams and creating timeless images, I've made a few changes.

You'll note that I've shortened up my portfolio intro. This is to save time getting to tags and to have less clutter. I do plan to have links to images here, but as yet that has not been worked out.


11 Nov 10 18:41
Excellent work
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