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Irfan’s visual art and photography is a meditation entwining his intellectual, spiritual, philosophical and physical worlds. With education background at LaSalle Singapore and Wanganui School of Design New Zealand focusing on art, design, philosophy and sociology, his work represents a questioning of all dogma and indoctrination. Black and white images repeating back on themselves, his work features starkly spinning optical illusions, presenting an all encompassing image of morality, experience and life as an illusion which shifts intermittently between good and bad, heathen and holy, black and white. Morality and dogma are a fool’s paradise. Simply a trick of light.

Irfan Hendrian is a philosopher, art photographer, visual artist, fashion photographer and graphic designer.

For fashion photography i prefer to use medium format film and take digital aside, so you will get the essence and the quality as well.

Check out my portfolio @ www.regmart.net


27 Jul 13 22:30
Creative work! Thank you so much for the FR :) -Abbie
20 Jul 11 03:58
Nice Port....Looking Good...someday we can work together...:)
10 May 11 01:08
beautiful work www.zarihsretouching.com
16 Dec 10 21:48
thanx for friend request :)
14 Dec 10 11:00
thank you very much for adding adik. adik hopes that adik can be considered for your next photo shoot if and when you are planning to do one in jakarta....thanks once again
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