About Me

Kreative I Photography

I LOVE photography. I consider myself to be an eternal student of the art. I feel that every encounter with a photographer, subject , or model is a learning experience.

I'm always thinking of new ideas and concepts to create a fun shoot. This means I'm constantly writing down ideas, searching for areas locally and out of town.
Finding treasures in an ordinary world. Using the world as my background.

I am a facial feature fanatic. I love a BEAUTIFUL face. I love close-ups. Your eyes, your smile, the way you carry yourself. I try to capture your personality and have it shine through the photograph.

It doesn't matter if you are glamorous, the bold sexy type, the no holds barred diva, or the girl next door. (Who doesn't love the girl next door?) I'm sure we can relate.


Call me "D" or Drake.

I'm very easy going, down to earth, humorous, and flexible.

I've done various genres of shoots from NUDES, IMPLIED, FASHION, ACTION, HOTELS, STUDIOS and on LOCATIONS such as beaches and rivers. I am actively scouting new areas because I have come to realize the entire world is a beautiful background.

And yes, I am open to TFCD.

I will always respect your wishes when conducting a photo shoot. Of course, I expect the same respect in return.

"TO BE NUDE or NOT TO BE NUDE" That seems to be the QUESTION.

As mentioned before, YES, I shoot NUDES and IMPLIED. NO, it's NOT my only point of focus. NO,it's not a requirement. Why should it be?

YES I will actually READ your profile. If your profile states NO NUDES or IMPLIED NUDES, I will NOT ask you to reconsider. I will NOT try to persuade you to do differently. The subject will not materialize. Again it's all about comfort and respect. You will find me very approachable and easy to talk too.

My MAIN goal is to make you as COMFORTABLE as possible and to have fun. Of course to "kreate" some great shots. I have quite a few people who have done more than one shoot with me due to the level of comfort between us.

When viewing my MM Portfolio, you may notice I have several photos of the same ladies. I've earned their trust and have been rewarded with a high comfort level and repeat shoots. I can honestly call them my friends.

I've had the opportunity to work with some of Model Mayhem's beautiful models and I must say they are a joy.

I actually enjoy TFCD at times, so let's talk.


If you are going to cancel, please have the courtesy to inform me of the cancellation ASAP. I promise to do the same.
Communication is vital.

I'm becoming ESCORT FRIENDLY to a certain extent. I've have had models bring a friend to the shoot and everything went smoothly. I've also had those who all of a sudden decide they are the "art director" only to find themselves being politely directed to the waiting room or door.

Seriously, if your ESCORT/Mgr/agent/whoever, is actually your jealous or insecure husband/partner or boyfriend/girlfriend, it's best to leave him/her at home. It's destructive to the sessions vibe and our creativity.

Last but not least, please do not call me at the last minute and tell me that your friend will be accompanying you because she wants to take some shots. This applies even if I am coming to your location. It's not fair to either one of us. Let me know well in advance and I can be very accommodating.

And...I promise not to introduce you to some dude name RALPH at the last minute telling you that he will be holding the lights.

To the other PHOTOGRAPHERS who share techniques and ideas, you are an inspiration. I tip my hat to you.

Please feel free to take a look at my port. Leave a comment, suggestion, critique, idea, or concept. I will always respond and return the favor.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of getting together for a shoot, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Contact me and lets see what we can kreate.

I look forward to hearing from you.

You can contact me here on Model Mayhem and we can proceed from there.
"Come bless my camera"