About Me

Thanks for visiting my iStudio page. i shoot most anything with my camera but mostly enjoy doing glamour, lingerie, fashion and fine art. But honestly, i enjoy it all...

I'm an Engineer by profession, but my passion is photography. I believe there is beauty in everything, and I capture that beauty through a lens. It's exciting, rewarding, and love everything about it. If I could do this for a living, I would.

i learn more with every shoot and i'm having a blast!

Sessions with me are easy and relaxed. I prefer meeting with you first to understand your interest.

i want to work with models who love the collaborative process of creating beautiful images. if you’re passionate about modeling, you’re my kind of girl, and you’re going to get my best attention and my best work.

If you wish to shot with me and be accompanied by an escort, that's perfectly fine.

want to shoot? contact me!


25 Jun 13 01:21
Absolutely in live with your portfolio. Beautiful work!
14 Apr 13 19:38
Wonderful port Nem
04 Jan 11 17:51
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