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Hello my name is Jason. I'm 33 years old and a amateur photographer. I've always had a love for photography and hope to get more involved in it. I've done a lot with models, cars and sports. Iv been a mechanic for 13 years and have always worked on car and bikes and now I can put both things I love to do together.

I'm just an easy going guy and I'm open to anything. I'm always up for something new to photogrpahy. I have alot of ideas and would like to try them out. I mainly shoot outdoors and enjoy outdoor photography, but I am very flexible when it comes to the venue.


11 Nov 14 23:12
Excellent port! Keep up the great work!
10 Apr 14 13:36
Amazing port!
28 Sep 11 17:52
Thank you for the request Jason..:) R@ndi..
07 Jun 11 04:24
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