About Me

STYLE: I have various looks/styles. I am hoping to build on that and try some new things. I am open to most ideas.. I will not do anything of a pornographic nature or anything I would not be proud to show off.

TRAVEL & COMPENSATION: I live in Indiana but am willing to travel (weekends are best, but I can travel through the week as well), as long as travel expenses would be covered. At this time, I am only considering PAID shoots. If you are wanting to shoot with me TFP it must be an idea I am very interested in and your work must be really good. I want to build a strong portfolio and something that will get me more paid work in the future. So please consider that when you contact me.

ESCORTS: I do prefer to bring a friend to all shoots until I know the photographer. This is something I feel is fair and any photographer who is legit should understand this and be OK with that.

NOTE: If I do a shoot with you and you post something of me that I do not feel reflects a positive image, I reserve the right to state I would like the image removed. I feel a model and photographer should be a team and that the photographer should understand if the model is not happy with an image.

MY PHOTO WORK: Please feel free to join my design and photography page.. K Dezines!


21 Jan 11 20:30
You are superb!
21 Jan 11 18:00
Kimber, Good to see you on iStudio...Charles
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