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I have been working as a photo enhancer for 3 yrs. i am a self taught retoucher. i am a mother and wife of two n a stay at home mom. Iam also a photographer and have been for the past 3yrs and have modeling for the past 8yrs.

I am able to do color correction, digital make up, blemish removal, eye and hair color changes, and much more.

My rates are very reasonable :
Basic-$5 for blemish removal, eye and lip enhancements, skin smoothing, color correction, and stray hair removal

Slight manipulation-$10 for basic touch up also , digital make-up, digital lipo, tattoo removal(if needed), object removal, body paint enhancement (if needed)

Manipulation-$15 for basic and slight manip., digital make-up, digital lipo, cartooning , tattoo removal (if needed), background changes(there is a fee for certain background changes as i have to pay for the stock photography) , body enhancements

I have special rates for bulk work please contact me as to what those are. I normally have a turn around time of an hour to a day depending on my workload.

You may contact me here via prvate message or by my e-mail....sfhernandez04@gmail.com


photographers and people i have had the pleasure of working with
(photographer)crystal blue imaging
(photographer)clint anderson
(photographer) Sandbox Raw mm#306497
(photographer) aoxomedia mm#729450
(photographer)miguel lorne mm#43001
(photographer)Sandbox Raw mm#306497
(photographer)rachel heath mm 1814448
(photographer) burakbulut mm#1259557
(photographer) CK Studios mm#439027
(Photographer) intric 8 mm 1940325
(photographer) aridublyu mm#1952054
(photographer) terrance c. mm#860844
(Photographer) RJC Photography mm#1206039
(photographer) Chuck A Jones mm#1789552
( photographer) Yosef (not sure is he has a mm acct.)
(singer)jaja davis

(model)blanca roman
(model)Ashly Alexiss mm#1249571

(mua and hair)Shannon hair and mua mm#1859129
(mua)Neirn Khiamsap mm#1842138
(mua) aoife amazing make up mm#1277229

(wardrobe)Being supreme Styling mm#1188679


18 Jan 11 11:15
Thanks for the FR. Wishing you much success.
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