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If your planning a special event at your club or need models for a promotion at a Race, Grand Opening, Concert, Charity Event or Trade Show. The Whiplash Girls have got you covered! We offer an exciting new concept for your Promotional, Entertainment or Marketing needs. The all inclusive package! No longer will you have to hire your Go Go Dancers, Models, Hostesses, Professional Event Photographer and Security for the entertainers separately! That's right, we offer it all to you in one package for a bulk rate. Just tell us how many models you need and for what purpose, and we will provide the Models, The Professional Event Photographer and a Professional Body Guard to act as Security for the Models so that your security staff can concentrate on their normal jobs.

The Whiplash Girls provides a complete range of unique event and promotional staffing services. Whether you envision Event Staff, Street Teams, Caddies for your next Golf Tournament, Brand Ambassadors, Go-Go Dancers, Models for Fashion Shows, Lingerie Shows, Bikini Contests or Music Videos. The Whiplash Girls is the organization for you. If you want outgoing and attractive Brand Ambassadors to interact with your customers, we have the perfect match. Need Street Teams to show off your brand? Our Beautiful Marketers are ready to roll! The Whiplash Girls also provides Attractive, Profesional Spokes-Models for Tradeshows and Conventions. If you have any type of promotional modeling need for an upcoming event, let us help to make your event or product memorable. The Whiplash Girls can eaasily satisfy any staffing need for any event or promotion. No event or need is too unique.

In addition to the services listed above, The Whiplash Girls has an exclusive selection of Commerical and Fashion Models on our roster, with an incredible selection available in several markets for all types of modeling, including: Glamour, Swimwear, Lingerie, Nudes, Implied Nudes, Fettish, Body Paint, Fitness, Print, and Runway.

The Whiplash Girls are indeed going Worldwide!!! But at this time the DFW Branch and the Tennessee Branch are the only offices accepting Promotional/Group assignments. If you wish to work with a Model who is not located in DFW, or Tennessee, let us know and we will make it happen.

Please visit our other sites at:

www.myspace.com/whiplashgirls (Whiplash Girls' My Space Page)

www.facebook.com/pages/The-Whiplash-Girls/166298440074078 (Whiplash Girls' Facebook Fan Page)


The Whiplash Girls are actively recruiting models from around the world! That's right..we are going GLOBAL!!!(Look out Suicide & Patriot Girls) This is yet another way to promote yourself and you modeling and be a part of a soon to be world famous team. There are no start up costs and no travel expenses. Nudity is always optional. However, I have found that models who do post nudity get more work. (Sorry that's just a fact of life!)

Qualifying is easy, you just need to be between 15 and 40 and be hottttt! (Models under the age of 18 must have written parental permission to be apart of the team) Height is not an issue, however you must weigh less than 140 Lbs and be Height/Weight Proportionate. (models over 140 Lbs will be considered if they are over 5' 10' tall)

Multiple Tattoos are not a problem but we are not looking for the Suicide Girl Look. We are looking for The Hot Girl Next Door! If that's you....your in!!

If you live in the DFW area, the Dallas (Home) office and the New Tennessee Office does occasionally do promo work in their respective areas. This is yet another way for you to make a little extra cash from time to time. We may start doing promo work in other areas as well as we grow.

If you recieved a friend request from this page, odds are WE WANT YOU FOR THE WHIPLASH GIRLS! So feel free to look at the site and send us a message! We are growing by leaps and bounds, so join today and start enjoying the benifits of Whiplash Girldom!

If your interested in becoming part of this exciting new modeling group, please contact Rich Heath of Whiplash Photography via this site or whiplashgirls@gmail.com



Whiplash Photography / IS #:1060624

Whiplash Girls Currently on iStudio:

Hollisha Glasgow / IS #:1750690
Amy Sue Hall / IS #:1906009
Maddy Whiplash / IS #:2036533
Michelle Love / IS #:1699677
Mallori Meinecke / IS #:1726290
Texashope22 / IS #:594502
Bella Bombshel / IS #:1737860
Celtic Fairy / IS #:1541998
Jurnee Lynn / IS #:1803405
Kassi Stanfield / IS #:834221
Polly Addams / IS #:1974516
Cherry Heroine / IS #:1773991
JustHouda / IS #:792985
KimD09 / IS #:1259923
Chelcee Mashell / IS #:1604725
Kristin Denise / IS #:1952844
Nicole13 / IS #:1961617
Stephania Van Burren / IS # 2149120
Foxy Farrah / IS # 783403
amandanicole2011 IS # 2121905
Brittany IS # 747070
SuneAdura, Angel Eyes IS # 388570
Ashley Haley IS # 2003490


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