About Me

hay every one i live in bundaberg Q.L.D
I love haveing my photos taken i havent done much to do with modeling but i would love to i find it very fun and it is a new experiance.
leave me comments or what ever and i will get back to you as soon as i can.
i am more of apluss sized girl i am nt the smallest girl out but i dnt mind i love my self the way i am.
i would love to get in and do more modeling photo shoots. And would love it if a photographer wants to shoot me.
I love animals and being out doors.
I am blond and love it i am very goof person and have my own style i do not like to copy others.
I love peirceings and have got one tattoo but eventually want anothere one.
i have not done any payed photo shoots but i have payed to do one and then had other photos for free.


21 Feb 14 07:07
Nice Port... Please view and love feedback on www.clevelandphotogroup.com Thanks
28 Mar 12 15:49
Hello how are you? Im a web Designer and im trying to build up my portfolio for model websites. If you want me to design you a free site just send me a message or email me at design@siegeind.com to talk further thanks!
03 May 11 18:48
Hello Sexy J from Down Under. Looking forward to making some art with you in the near future.
23 Apr 11 15:43
Hope the day finds you well, Jacinda! Be sure to set up a free account at SnapMatter.com as well!
31 Mar 11 09:59
Hello and welcome to istudio!
31 Mar 11 04:04
G'day mate. Welcome to iStudio.
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