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Photobucket Thanks for the love. Stop by and heat up out pages anytime. Over 8.9 million readers worldwide and growing! And visit us on Twitter at: www.Twitter.com/VBLAZIN. We're test shoots for a spread or cover. Contact us at VBLAZIN@gmail.com. Or drop us a note RIGHT HERE on iStudio! And we're also offering behind the scenes videos of your shoots. Check out who's taken us up on the offer so far at: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=715056200. And visit our Vimeo page at: www.vimeo.com/VBLAZIN We've been really busy since so many other magazines are going out of business, like Stuff, Vibe, King and others. Even Playboy is calling for layoffs. But we're growing extremely fast. Model Submission Just send us as many of your sexiest shots as possible (preferably ones that haven't been seen by anyone yet) , along with any contact info for consideration to: VBLAZIN@gmail.com. We may put them in the Blazin Honey, Girl next door, Spot light, After dark, or even the Cover. We just ask that there be no logos on the photos, unless it’s a small one from the photographer. And also include a small write up about yourself. Fun things like the wildest thing you’ve ever done, crazy behind the scene stories, stuff like that. Once we get the photos we’ll send you the Model/Photographer releases. In just 2 years of being in business, we're up to over 8.9 million readers worldwide so far, and it's growing fast. Now excepting “You Tube”, and other video submissions. here's a link to one of my latest behind the scenes video. Let me know what you think. http://www.vimeo.com/27656687 Although we got a lot of them submitted to us before. We are now excepting nudes to run in the VBLAZIN After dark section. We like to keep the door open to all that want the exposure. VIC CEO VBLAZIN MAGZINE www.VBLAZIN.com www.Twitter.com/VBLAZIN 215-346-2781


VBLAZIN Get Some! 2010 Valeria


21 Mar 14 20:56
Awesome port!
02 Sep 13 16:07
Phenomenal port, absolutely love your work it's stunning
05 Apr 12 17:56
Would love to model for the Magazine , lingerie and bikini.
09 Feb 12 20:39
great work
26 May 11 05:52
so hot!
27 Apr 11 12:08
thank you for the request...great work u have
23 Apr 11 17:12
Sparky wants the cover of your Vblazin magazine sweetie. She is almost 40 yrs old and blazing LOL Read my profile and get back to me if you can use me Muahhhh :) GO SEE MY LASTEST VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxMIDjwOSok
21 Apr 11 16:30
beautiful work i love it www.zarihsretouching.com
20 Apr 11 23:37
thank you for FR.....adik also on modelmayhem. thanks....
20 Apr 11 01:36
Thank you for FR. Love your work! Great portfolio. Brenda
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