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Friendly photographer in the Dallas / Fort Worth area with a studio in Arlington,

Photography is a passion to me. It is something I strive for excellence in. Every time I step behind the camera I try to create the perfect image for that situation. I have many crazy ideas that I try to bring to life in my photography. To me the main object of a photograph is to entertain the viewer and to make them want to see more. If I can do that in a shoot then I did my job.

I am very professional in my approach to any shoot I do. You can expect my undivided attention during a shoot. I will only answer my cell phone for one person during a shoot and that would be a phone call from "The Boss" (that would be my wife, because we all know who really is in charge and it is not us guys). I will do my best to give you the best pictures possible and have a fun time while shooting with me. You can COUNT on that!

What will I shoot? I will shoot anything you wish. I have ideas but I know you do too and have no problem trying to bring your ideas to life. Will I do TFP/CD? Yes I will. Of course we all love to get paid (my rates are very reasonable) but I love to shoot and will shoot with you.

So let's shoot and have some fun and create some magic!

Sometimes you are just standing there and the coolest thing presents itself.


Exhibitng photographer at the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival - March 2010 - http://www.rochestereroticartfest.org/

Have a featured article about my work in the March / April issue of Art Si Magazine. You can find the on-line version Here


14 Jun 11 01:49
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13 Apr 11 13:30
Welcome to iStudio!
13 Apr 11 02:01
Welcome! Please keep in mind my photo retouching services :)
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