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well what can I say, started playing with cameras when I was 13, it was a stoke of luck really, happen to find one left on a part bench in my village, well after taking it in to the local police station, I waited I think around 3 months for anyone to collect it!

as they did not, I was allowed to keep it, it was a 35mm Zenith, nothing special, but to me, well wow! as it had film inside I took it to a friend of my father, who being a photographer happened to have a dark room, with his help I developed the pictures, there was 9 i remember them well, all taken in and around our village which attracted a lot of tourists; it was amazing seeing people you did not know, coming to life in pictures, who where they, where did they live? where they lovers, friends, you could not tell, there were clues but it was a mystery, it made me think, it made me want to explore, this started my fascination with pictures.

from there end I hardly ever put down that dam camera, I had to work all summer just to pay for film! god know how many times it was confiscated at school, but I had fun, lots of it.

so at 17, I became an assistant in a local photography shop, from then I went at 18 and traveled, nearly giving my parents heart attacks, did most of Europe and then settled in Amsterdam, a friend owned shares in Private, so I started with them as an assistant photographer and never looked back

these days I still love it, luckily I do not have to work to live anymore, so now I try to all sorts of things, at the moment mainly erotica art which I love! so regardless if a shoot will sell, i don't mind anymore! as long as i love the results.

for the future well who knows, love to do a book, they say we all have one in us! a photographic story of something, once I wanted for example just to shoot old people, in Spain, with a brief history of their lives, just people sitting around doing nothing, have we not all played that game seen people and wondered what they do, who they are, where their going? sort of thing that fascinates me! will i ever do it, who know!

well that's me briefly, not too much personal stuff! i tend to keep that private!

hope to work with however replies!



14 Jun 11 03:19
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