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I run/ maintain two growing businesses, one being a multimedia design firm and the other being a exotic car dealership. In order to market both my businesses I advertise in some of the largest publications in my field. To go along with my car dealership I have developed a clothing company to help promote both my artistic capabilities and my car collection. I am always looking out for new models/talent for my advertisements.


Porsche Motorsports 2011
New York University, 2011
BARK Restaurant, NYC
Betty Park Documentary Film Productions
BODY Fashion Market Magazine, NYC
B-Side (145) Skateboards, Burlington, VT
Department of Jewish Education, New Haven, CT
The Green Room Lounge, NYC
JStuff Design Consultants, Tokyo “City Map iPhone App”
Mason and Madison Graphic Design Firm, New Haven, CT
Michael Pollack Productions, “The Untouchable” Film ‘10
Mt. Siniai SPEEK program, NYC
New Haven Public Schools
New York Burlesque Festival (’06-‘09)
New York Roadrunners Foundation, Mighty Milers Program
NV Salon and Spa, NYC
Premium Goods, Brooklyn, NY
Rachel's Taqueria, Brooklyn, NY
South America Snow Sessions
Supreme Robot Pictures, “The Awkward Comedy Show”
Tony Falcone (mural artist)
US Sign Fabrication, New Haven, CT


08 Feb 14 22:40
Nice port so far... Best of luck :)
11 Jun 11 11:10
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