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I have been a hobbyist for a long time, but was encouraged to try professional work a few years back due to a lack of local photographers. It's not really something I expect to make much, if any money at, especially with my current experience.

I have been able to provide a level of service no other photographers in the area are willing to match. I do location work, not just studio work, and will consider and work with my clients situation and needs. I'm willing to do more than just family photos and wedding pictures.

I work exclusively with digital cameras and computer production. When preparing a selection of prints for a client to choose from, I like to provide alternative tones and styles to consider, as this is easily done by computer. I can also produce finished photos quickly when needed, although of course I prefer to take my time to get the best results possible.

I'm more interested in making myself a better photographer, and taking pictures I'm proud of looking at and displaying, than in making a few bucks. I'm not currently looking to hire models, because I can't afford to pay an experienced model what they're worth; but I'm more than happy to work with anyone new to modeling who is interested in gaining experience and some free photos for their portfolio. TFP or TFCD.