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im an artist by heart will do anything for the sake of art.. im a painter/architect by profession; i do design the subject, i never thought i will become a model which is the "subject" at first i though these two things are different but its all the same as long its a creation from art. and i also love to travel; i appreciate the natural beauty of the world by exploring and cherished every breath taking moment. i was an adventurer and loves the expeditions., like to try and taste a different experience in different part of the global.
Right now im not only a model but im an event organizer as well- founder of stunning models production ( www.stunningmodelsproduction.yolasite.com ). I manage models and coordinate with the clients. (photograpers,sponsors,etc..)

*i also composed songs , sing my heart out. dance till i drop and til my legs start to shake.. i do appreciate art so much...


07 Jun 12 22:50
Super Nice Portfolio!
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