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About Me

As a New York Institute of Photography Professional Photographer graduate, I have decided to work on my portfolio to include other up and coming models. I originally started in photography as a hobby and it has since grown into something I would like to do full-time.

Realizing that I am in good company with the many other people looking to grow or improve their current portfolios, I am looking to grow YOUR portfolio as well. Therefore, I am offering my time in exchange for your time. I will provide you with digital copies of your session in exchange for your time and effort as a model.

I am happy to work with you at most public locations, your location or mine. I prefer the public locations initially so we can get a sense of one another's abilities and working relationship.

So if this sounds like a win win for you as well, I am happy to work with you to help boost both of our portfolios and ultimately our bank accounts. Just shoot me a message and we can go from there. If I contact you directly, please understand this is a PROFESSIONAL VENTURE for me. I am not on this site as part of growing my social network but I am intent SOLELY upon growing my professional experience and helping you do the same.


New York Institute of Photography - Professional Photographer

Published Photos as a Freelance Stringer - Edgerton Reporter Newspaper