About Me

Hello there, my name is Jordan Aguilar and I want to thank you for viewing my profile. I come from an amazing hard working family that has instilled in me good values, respect, integrity, and a work ethic second to none. They have taught me to work hard for everything you want and receive. To never give up and as long as you keep giving your all good things will happen. It is through these values and the love and support of my family that I have achieved several goals and pursue another in succeeding in modeling.

Throughout my short life I have participated in many sports. From basketball to soccer to football, baseball and wrestling, I have stayed very active through my life. In anything I did I pursued perfection working rigorously to excel and be the best at whatever I did. That mindset and work ethic helped me achieve all-state high school honors in my senior year of baseball and helped me make and play baseball at the University of California Davis, where I currently am attending. Hear is where I really began hitting the weights hard due to the fact that I needed to gain strength and put on weight to compete with the older, stronger athletes. I began hitting the gym harder than ever doing two a days on days that we worked out as a team and within a month I was getting great results. After I finished out my tenure on the baseball team I continued to workout hard in the gym challenging my body and mind, pushing myself to the brink and beyond. This new chapter and challenge in my life has led me to pursue fitness modeling.

I am extremely comfortable with myself and being in front of the camera. I am enjoying fitness modeling to the fullest extent and am looking forward to more great times and experiences in the business. I’m always willing to travel and at this point in my life am very able to do so. You will always get 110% from me mentally and physically. I am very easy to work with and am willing to listen and learn. I will put in the hard work needed to excel in the very competitive modeling industry and open to working with amazing photographers.

In this stage of my life I see great possibilities in the future and am looking forward to learning and experiencing many things in my life and am excited to forge ahead and continue on my journey.